Women's Conference 2018

Show Me Jesus in the Splendor of Gospel Friendships

Teaching from the book of Titus

February 3, 2018

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On February 3, 2018, North Cincinnati Community Church will hold a Women's Conference with speaker, Karen Hodge.  All women are invited to attend.  Karen serves as the Coordinator for PCA Women's Ministry, where she seeks to connect women and churches to one another and to sound resources.  The book of Titus urges us to consider how we can grow not only gospel friendships but more importantly a gospel-centered Church.  This is only manifested when Jesus is the focal point. In a culture that is increasingly self-focused and independent and an era where the church may appear anemic in the current culture…what is our hope?  To see Jesus and show Him as glorious. This will be a time for us to rediscover the power of the Gospel to transform not only us but those around us. 

Session One- Show me Jesus in the Impact of Gospel Friendships in my church and community.  We live in a culture that can be at times corrosive to our faith and relationships.  Our faith can trend towards being anemic because of the distractions of life. Relationships are increasingly independent and superficial.  This session will consider the context of Paul’s letter to Titus, particularly as it relates to women’s relationships in the church and community where we live.  We’ll find that we live in a world much like Crete, but the Gospel promises the privilege of friendship that goes much deeper than a “friend request”.

Session Two- Show Me Jesus in the Splendor of Gospel Friendships through doing life together. Let’s take a fresh look at Paul’s admonition to the women in Titus’ congregation --- his charge for us is radical in its anticipation of true friendship that reflects the heart of God. These well-rehearsed verses (Titus 2:1-5) will offer us a timely and inspiring perspective of God’s plan for friendship in the church.  Whether as a young woman just embarking on life or a seasoned woman with many years of experience, the vision cast by the Apostle Paul is for you.

Session Three- Show me Jesus in the Power of the Gospel to transform me and those around me. Now that we know what our Gospel friendships can be, how do we get there, and what will be required?  How has God equipped us to live together in community?  We’ll consider a few specific ideas that are part of Paul’s plan and we’ll take the time to unpack that for our own application.  The vision for Gospel friendship is one that applies to every single woman in the church.  Let’s discover how that happens and pray that God will do nothing less than transform us and those around us!

Karen serves alongside her husband, Chris, who is the Senior Pastor at Naperville Presbyterian Church in Naperville, Illinois.  Chris and Karen have two children, Anna Grace Botka and Haddon Hodge that round out "Team Hodge."  It is from the perspective of a wife, mother, leader and fellow pilgrim that she hopes to offer insights from God's Work concerning how she and they can most effectively learn to enjoy and extend God's glory.