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Our desire is that this blog will serve as a tool in our mission to make mature and equipped followers of Christ by providing a supplement to our preaching and teaching ministry, and by engaging those who are still investigating the claims of Christ and the community of God's people at North Cincinnati.


2016 Election Day Prayer Guide

As an application of my sermon this past Sunday, 11/6/2016, "Citizens of the State, Servants of the King", the post prayer guide below is offered as a resource to help followers of Christ fulfill God's call to pray to the Lord for the welfare of the city [nation, and state] in which we live out our earthly citizenship. ...

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New Service Times Starting September 11 (What & Why)

As we begin a new ministry year on September 11th, we will also be changing to a new Sunday morning schedule as well... I know that this news will raise at least two major questions, "why are we staying at one service?" and "why are we moving the worship service to take place after our Sunday morning connect hour"? Let me briefly address both of these questions. ...

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Introducing Eric Shrimpton

Throughout her history one of North Cincinnati's greatest strenghts has been its student ministry. Blessed with a rich heritage of talented and faithful shepherds who have served at its helm, True North has long been a greenhouse for helping young men and women grow as mature and equipped followers of Christ. With that heritage in mind, I am excited to announce that Eric S...

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Introducing Matt May

I am excited to announce that after more than six months of praying, networking, and interviewing that we believe God has provided that man. Matt May will join our staff team here in Cincinnati beginning this June after graduating from Covenant Seminary in May. Matt comes to us with more than a decade of ministry experience, and a proven heart for seeing men and women bec...

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Compelled by Guilt or Grace: Motivations for Giving

In most settings someone is trying to compel us to give, and whether we are reluctant givers is irrelevant to those compelling our gifts. After all, whether our gift was given reluctantly or not doesn't show up when tallying a total, and coloring in another segment of a giant thermometer at the front of the room. All that matters to most fundraisers is that you give funds....

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We Can't Give What We Don't Have - Faith Promise Devo Day 3

We spend when we care. We care when we spend. But we can also only spend what we have. In exploring the Scriptures we see that our financial habits of stewardship are ultimately a matter of the heart, and that because of this connection a growth in our habits can also cause a growth in our hearts. However, as you consider growing in the grace commitment of giving you will ...

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We Care When We Spend: Habits & The Heart, Part 2

Our hearts can either long for this earthly life and all its trappings, or for the kingdom of heaven that Jesus will bring to earth (v. 20). But what is a follower of Jesus to do when they evaluate their life and find that their heart is more invested in this earthly life than in God's heavenly kingdom? In Jesus' words we find an answer. Ironically, the connection betw...

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When We Care We Spend: Habits & The Heart, Part 1

We care when we spend, and we spend when we care. This is a simple truth, and one that all of us experience on a daily basis. Realtors recognize that when homebuyers set their hearts on a house that they can envision as their home that their buyer's budgets will begin to stretch beyond their original cap. Teenagers who have never been motivated to lift a finger at home wil...

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Hospitals Make Us Long for Heaven

"...what is common to all is that all long for the healing that the King of heaven can bring. Whether they describe it that way or not, this is exactly the thing for which they long. I can say this because everyone who comes into a hospital hopes to come out in exactly the same condition, healed. Hospitals make us long for heaven."...

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